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   I want to introduce my bike trip with my friends, which I made during summer holidays. Trips from 1992 and 1993 were planed by my friend Christopher, and Thaddeus and me accompanyed him. Next trip (1995 yr.) was planned by four friend from secondary school. Trip to south-eastern part of Poland in 1996 wasinvented by me. I used maps, guide books and books. The idea of trip in 1999 was scheduled by Paweł Śmiałowski and I. Unfortunately, we didn't ride around Poland. About trip ins 2000 You can read by clicking on the proper link. On journey in 2001 I wasn't alone. John from Kalisz was riding with me in Slovakia and mainly in Hungary. We though about this journey about two month before start. Journej in 2002 I made with my wife.

   Beside this You can find on my web site two galleries: first from my summer trips and second from short trips with guys from newsgroup and mailing list "KrakRower". And some basic rules how to travel by bike. You can exchange links, read something about bike computer Ciclosport, learn something about me, and the last but not least: read and write to my Guest Book. Welcome to my web site.

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   All remarks about my web site are welcome. Please e-mail me.

   ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Devix and Yans for help in new design of my web site (especially in php). Thank You Krzysin for space on hard drive and also for help with php.

Sorry for my English. This is version under construction ;)

Łukasz Zieliński (author and webmaster)